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Teacher Tip #6 Teaching Long Sentences or Words Using Chunking

I’ve found a really useful video on the topic of chunking from Meylysa on YouTube. Thanks Meylysa! Don’t forget to check out my free lesson this Saturday on WIZQ.com, where we’ll study more about chunking!

Find out where people are using English Banana.com Free Materials!

Check out our interactive map to find out how people are using our free materials and free copying licence:


There are projects using English Banana.com free materials all around the world! We’re so happy when we hear that a new school or teacher wants to take advantage of our free licence. Please do get in touch if you are using it too!

Thursday 11th August: Practice IELTS Speaking Test…!

Practice Parts 1-3 of the IELTS Speaking Test and get personalized help and advice with an experienced Teacher of IELTS!


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