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Get a really fabulous free suite of teaching tools at Triptico!

David Riley at Triptico is offering a fantastic set of materials for teaching which really needs to be seen to be believed! An online teacher told me about the Word Magnets which he was finding really useful for teaching Talk a Lot vocabulary lessons. But there is much more in the set of 20 different tools, which is offered – amazingly – absolutely free.

I contacted David and he told me: ‘The app is free and contains 20 or so interactive resources – all of which can be edited and adapted by teachers to perfectly suit their subject and students.

‘I try to add new resources whenever I have time and also try my best to respond to teacher feedback by updating and improving the resources.

‘As for Word Magnets, I am constantly amazed by the many different ways in which teachers make use of this resource. Grouping, ranking, sorting, etc. activities are very popular – and I have added a number of backgrounds to the resource to help with this.

‘I also made a short video about ‘Mystery Magnets’ – it may be useful too:


Thanks, David, for providing a valuable set of resources – for free! I can imagine that they would be especially beneficial to teachers who are lucky enough to have an interactive whiteboard in the classroom.


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