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Big Grammar Book 2 is out now!

NEW FREE BOOK! Big Grammar Book 2: 101 Worksheets for English Lessons

Big Grammar Book 2 is the latest collection of free printable worksheets for teachers and students of English and ESL by Matt Purland, author of the original Big Grammar Book.

This book is in the public domain, so please feel free to use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

To download worksheets individually – as both pdf and docx files – please visit: http://www.englishbanana.com/big-grammar-book-2/big-grammar-book-2-free-english-worksheets.html

If you have any feedback about this free book, we would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading! :)

FREE Online English Class with Nadia – You Are The Course Book Demo!

This Saturday 25th January at 6pm CET Nadia is teaching a free online English class using You Are the Course Book Method. All learners are welcome!

She writes:

“This is a demo class on You Are the Course Book Method, developed by Matt Purland, England. Teacher Nadia from Russia will give a mock class using Matt’s method. This a speaking class for English learners, so everybody please get your mics ready.”

To find out more and to sign up for this class please visit the link below:


Download Free English Banana Books from Google Play!

Download Free English Banana Books from Google Play!

You can now download selected free English Banana books from Google Play! This could be really handy if you need to access our material on a smartphone or tablet.

So far there are 5 different titles. We hope to add more in the near future, so please watch this space!

Big Grammar Book

Big Activity Book

Big Resource Book

You Are The Course Book

Talk a Lot Elementary Book 1

You can now buy hard copies of 4 English Banana.com books!

We are really pleased to announce that we are now selling hard copies of 4 fabulous English Banana.com books:

Big Grammar Book, Big Activity Book, Big Resource Book, and Talk a Lot Elementary Book 1

Click here for full details!

New FREE Online Course for English Teachers – Starting Next Monday!

Free Teacher Training Course - Now Enrolling!

From next Monday 4th November 2013 Matt Purland will be running a free on-going teacher training course for teachers of English and ESL. Enrolment is now open so you can sign up from today! You can get all of the details here:


Title: Free Teacher Training Course for English Teachers

Goal: Learn how to teach English without a course book

Live classes: Mondays at 8.15pm CET & Thursdays at 10am CET

Main Benefits:

* FREE live classes twice a week

* Learn with an experienced English teacher and teacher trainer

* Professional development certificate when you attend 10 live classes

* Learn techniques that will help your students be more productive

* FREE access to recordings and group material (pdf, ppt, doc)

This is a course for English teachers; if you are studying to become a teacher, you are also welcome. This course is for teachers who want to learn and discuss ways of teaching English without formal material, e.g. a course book or handouts.

This course is on-going. You don’t need to attend every class – attend when you can; if you attend 10 live classes you will receive a FREE professional development certificate.

This course is based on You Are The Course Book Method. You can find out more about it and download the FREE material here: http://englishbanana.com/resources/free-books/teacher-training/

Hope to see you there!

NEW! FREE BOOK: You Are The Course Book – Syllabus

This book contains all of the main teaching points for You Are The Course Book students.

This is what we study during YATCB lessons (Modes 1-3 plus Input Lessons) – along with new vocabulary and ideas (from the topic or text) and new grammar points (from students’ errors).

Feel free to download it and have a browse!


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