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*NEW* FREE BOOK! You Are The Course Book – Lesson Plans

You Are The Course Book – Lesson Plans is a new collection of lesson plans for English teachers who want to teach without a course book. Each lesson plan is written in an easy-to-follow step-by-step way and this book contains all the necessary materials to teach English the way you want to – without a course book. From teacher and author Matt Purland, founder of the resource website http://www.englishbanana.com.


FREE Online English Class with Nadia – You Are The Course Book Demo!

This Saturday 25th January at 6pm CET Nadia is teaching a free online English class using You Are the Course Book Method. All learners are welcome!

She writes:

“This is a demo class on You Are the Course Book Method, developed by Matt Purland, England. Teacher Nadia from Russia will give a mock class using Matt’s method. This a speaking class for English learners, so everybody please get your mics ready.”

To find out more and to sign up for this class please visit the link below:


Download Free English Banana Books from Google Play!

Download Free English Banana Books from Google Play!

You can now download selected free English Banana books from Google Play! This could be really handy if you need to access our material on a smartphone or tablet.

So far there are 5 different titles. We hope to add more in the near future, so please watch this space!

Big Grammar Book

Big Activity Book

Big Resource Book

You Are The Course Book

Talk a Lot Elementary Book 1

You can now buy hard copies of 4 English Banana.com books!

We are really pleased to announce that we are now selling hard copies of 4 fabulous English Banana.com books:

Big Grammar Book, Big Activity Book, Big Resource Book, and Talk a Lot Elementary Book 1

Click here for full details!

New FREE Online Course for English Teachers – Starting Next Monday!

Free Teacher Training Course - Now Enrolling!

From next Monday 4th November 2013 Matt Purland will be running a free on-going teacher training course for teachers of English and ESL. Enrolment is now open so you can sign up from today! You can get all of the details here:


Title: Free Teacher Training Course for English Teachers

Goal: Learn how to teach English without a course book

Live classes: Mondays at 8.15pm CET & Thursdays at 10am CET

Main Benefits:

* FREE live classes twice a week

* Learn with an experienced English teacher and teacher trainer

* Professional development certificate when you attend 10 live classes

* Learn techniques that will help your students be more productive

* FREE access to recordings and group material (pdf, ppt, doc)

This is a course for English teachers; if you are studying to become a teacher, you are also welcome. This course is for teachers who want to learn and discuss ways of teaching English without formal material, e.g. a course book or handouts.

This course is on-going. You don’t need to attend every class – attend when you can; if you attend 10 live classes you will receive a FREE professional development certificate.

This course is based on You Are The Course Book Method. You can find out more about it and download the FREE material here: https://englishbanana.com/resources/free-books/teacher-training/

Hope to see you there!

NEW! FREE BOOK: You Are The Course Book – Syllabus

This book contains all of the main teaching points for You Are The Course Book students.

This is what we study during YATCB lessons (Modes 1-3 plus Input Lessons) – along with new vocabulary and ideas (from the topic or text) and new grammar points (from students’ errors).

Feel free to download it and have a browse!

English Banana free material has been read over 4 million times on Scribd.com!

We just thought we’d share this latest milestone with you… :)

Scribd.com is a great place to find the documents you need – including all English Banana.com free worksheets and books. If you have documents to share, you can make money by selling them in the Scribd Store. Or simply let people download them for free – as we prefer to do.

English Banana documents are on Scribd

English Banana documents are on Scribd

English Banana free resources featured in The Guardian this week!

English Banana free resources featured in The Guardian

English Banana free resources featured in The Guardian

English Banana free resources are featured in The Guardian newspaper this week, as part of a special article for teachers entitled: “How to teach… English as a foreign language”. Emily Drabble reviews a range of English Banana books, including Big Grammar Book, the Talk a Lot series of books, and the new release You Are The Course Book 2. You can read the article here:


Teacher Training with Russian Teachers in Poland!

We were lucky enough to host a fantastic group of teachers from Saratov University recently at our school – Study English in Ostroda. They joined us for five nights for one of our language holidays.

The visit was a great success with all of the teachers saying that they enjoyed it and learned many new techniques that they could take back to their university – and private – students in Russia.

The group leader Tatiana M. commented:

“The course provided the opportunity for the students to be active and creative at the classes, work together with other students and speak English while performing the tasks. The course integrated all of the aspects of language learning (speaking, reading, pronunciation, grammar, writing and listening) and actively involved students into the learning process. The organisation of the course (flexible schedule, the timing, course materials and accommodation) were arranged and provided on a high level. New things I learned:

  • organising the learning process without a textbook
  • a new approach to teaching phonetics 
  • reiterating the most important language points at every lesson
  • a captivating and enjoyable way of working with newspaper articles”

Here is a picture of the group hard at work:

Teachers from Saratov University, Russia

…and at play, enjoying a barbecue with some of our local students:

Polish hospitality - a good old fashioned grill!

We even got an article in the local paper!

Article in Nasz Glos newspaper in Ostroda

If you would like to join us for a language holiday – to improve your English language skills, or to brush up on your teaching practice – you are more than welcome to join us! Please click here to find out more about our offer.

FREE English Banana Resource App is now available from Amazon Appstore!

You can now get our fantastic FREE English Banana Resource App from Amazon Appstore! Click the link below to go there now:


Get it now for your Amazon device!

Get it now from Amazon!


English Banana.com Teachers Map has been Updated!

What do Peru, Bangladesh, Russia, Mexico, Kashmir, and Hartlepool have in common? They are all places where English teachers are busily working on projects using English Banana.com material, having first applied for a free certificate of authorisation.

On the map below each pin represents a place where such a project is taking place:

English Banana.com Teachers Map

English Banana.com Teachers Map


You can find out more about each one on our amazing interactive map! Please click below to go there now:


And click here to find out more about our free licences:



NEW FREE BOOK! You Are The Course Book 2 – In Practice (480 pages)

Get a free copy of a new paid iPhone/iPad app that uses English Banana material!

Learn English with Exercises is the latest English language learning app from Creative Apps Lab. The app is packed with great exercises for practising English skills, including grammar, reading, vocabulary building, and communication skills. Better still, the app features many exercises from English Banana.com books, like Big Grammar Book!

The app costs $ 0.99 and can be downloaded from Apple App Store in any country worldwide. However, we have got hold of twenty free copies for readers of this blog! If you would like a special download code, please contact us and tell us why you enjoy learning with English Banana.com!

You can find out more about Learn English with Exercises app here:

You can order the app on iTunes here:


There is also a free starter version of the app, which you can get here:


Learn English with Exercises - new app

Learn English with Exercises – new app

This fantastic new app was produced via our Free Copying Licence, which allows anybody to use English Banana.com material for their projects – including commercial projects like this one – absolutely free of charge. To read our Free Copying Licence, please click below. Maybe you could make use of it…?!


NEW from i to i – 20 Free Classroom Activities!

Whether it’s your first day in the classroom or your fiftieth – every ESL teacher is in need of a little helping hand every now and then.
Here are 20 free classroom activities from i-to-i which include classroom tips and accompanying handouts which you can photocopy for your lessons!
Get yours here!

Activities book

FREE English Vocabulary and Pronunciation Workout! (Video of online lesson)

This is a recording of a free class I taught on WizIQ.com on 28.02.13: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/1140564-free-english-vocabulary-and-pronunciation-workout You can download the free material that we used here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/127589616/Auto-Mode-3-Example


Download All 15 FREE English Banana.com Resource Books – in one download!

It’s December 2012, and to celebrate our 10th birthday online, English Banana.com are giving you the opportunity – for a limited time only – to download all 15 of our free resource books – in one .pdf file! This is the first time that all of our books – written and published between 2003 and 2012 – have been collected together in one place.

Click here to download all 15 English Banana.com resource books in 1 .pdf file (49.6 MB)

It is, admittedly, a massive .pdf file (of 49.6 MB), but it could be handy to have all these resources together at the same time. You could put it on a pen drive and have it with you in your bag ready for when you need to learn or teach English. The file contains interactive bookmarks (see picture below) so that you can find each resource book quickly.

All of the material is covered by our free copying licence and free licence to run courses, which means that anyone may freely print, copy, adapt, distribute, sell, and give away this material, without further written permission. Please visit http://www.englishbanana.com for full details.

We hope that you will enjoy this very special download. Please don’t forget that there is still lots more free material available on our website which isn’t in any of these books!

If you have any comments or questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please click here to contact us.

The .pdf file includes all of the following, from our first collection in 2003 – Big Grammar Book – to our latest material for learning connected speech – Stress, Reduce, Merge – which was published in September 2012:

1. Big Grammar Book – mixed worksheets

2. Big Activity Book – mixed worksheets

3. Big Resource Book – mixed worksheets

4. Check It Again! (Book One) – error correction practice

5. Talk a Lot Elementary Book 1 – complete spoken English course

6. Talk a Lot Elementary Book 2 – complete spoken English course

7. Talk a Lot Elementary Handbook – how to teach Talk a Lot courses

8. Talk a Lot Elementary Book 3 – complete spoken English course

9. The Best of English Banana.com (2003-2009) – compilation of favourite worksheets

10. Talk a Lot Foundation Course – complete pronunciation course

11. Talk a Lot Intermediate Book 1 – complete spoken English course

12. Talk a Lot Intermediate Book 2 – unfinished spoken English course

13. You Are The Course Book – teacher training manual

14. Clear Alphabet Dictionary – pronunciation dictionary

15. Stress, Reduce, Merge – pronunciation practice

Matt Purland is teaching a new FREE 8-week course with Myschoolo.com

Last Friday saw the first class in a new free 8-week English course taught by Matt Purland in conjunction with Myschoolo.com. You can find out more details and sign up for this free course here:


In the meantime, why not enjoy the video recording of the first class, which was on the topic of The Environment (Studying Language):


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