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Free MP3 Class to Download! Free Online Speaking Course: Lesson 1.2

This is the latest free English speaking class on EnglishSpeaking.Tips! The text for the lesson is here. Feel free to download and share this MP3, which is in the Public Domain.

Listen to my Recent Interview with Nate Hill from Tweet Speak English!

It was great to have a chat about teaching with Nate Hill of Tweet Speak English recently. You can download the full interview as a FREE MP3 here:



Download the MP3 Recording of our Latest Class

You can now download the MP3 recording of our latest class.

Left-click to open in your browser and right-click to download to your computer:

Planning an English Class without a Course Book to Hold your Hand

by Matt Purland (4th June 2012)

Download our Latest Online Lesson as a Free MP3 File! “You are the Course Book!”

You can now download our latest free MP3 audio lesson, entitled “You are the Course Book!” It was a really fun session on WizIQ.com this week, so I hope that you will get a lot out of it. Any feedback is of course very welcome!

Click to download the MP3 to your computer

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Download Free MP3 Audio! – Info about our Summer School

If you weren’t able to get to our Q & A session about the English Banana Trust Free Summer School, you can now download an MP3 of the audio and listen to the whole thing! Simply click the link below to open it in your browser, or right-click to download it:


Download Talk a Lot Foundation Course (Audio) – 4 Lessons + New English Alphabet

Here are the links to download the new Talk a Lot Foundation Course audio version. You get four lessons, plus the New English Alphabet – all read by the author:

Talk a Lot Foundation Course – Lesson 1 (.mp3 – 27 MB)

Talk a Lot Foundation Course – Lesson 2 (.mp3 – 50 MB)

Talk a Lot Foundation Course – Lesson 3 (.mp3 – 63 MB)

Talk a Lot Foundation Course – Lesson 4 (.mp3 – 64 MB)

Talk a Lot Foundation Course – New English Alphabet (.mp3 – 11 MB)

Don’t forget you can download the complete Talk a Lot Foundation Course book (.pdf ) here:

Talk a Lot Foundation Course book (.pdf – 3 MB)