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My New Polish Vocabulary Words (05.09.11)

Because I live in Poland, I’m a student of Polish (at pre-intermediate level). I’m currently working through “Polish in 4 Weeks – Level 2” by Marzena Kowalska. It’s a great course book to work through on your own. Here are 15 of the latest vocab items that I’m learning – without diacritical marks, because I haven’t got a Polish keyboard. 😮

brzmiec: to sound, e.g. “sounds interesting”

pobyt: stay

znakomity: great

wliczony: included (e.g. in a hotel package)

odmiane: changes

sluzbowo: on business (adverb)

wywiad: interview

pech: bad luck

jedyny: the only

przestan!: stop it!

zajmowac sie: to deal with

dzial: department

mnie rowniez: me too

nie mozna wytrzymac…: I can’t stand…

magazyn: warehouse